About Us

Who Are We?

Three fantastic friends have joined forces to become the next Iron Chefs. (Okay, in our minds.)

First, we have Christie - the reluctant gourmet who dove head first into cooking when she settled into having a kitchen of her own.  Her favorite foods include barbecue, anything served on the side at Thanksgiving, and vodka sauce (a recipe that she still cannot perfect).  Her favorite drinks include fruit-based cocktails, buttery Chardonnays and spicy Syrahs.  And when she's not working in the oh-so-exciting world of banking, she's running around with her dog and editing this lovely little blog. 

Next, we have Jennifer. She and John have spent 25+ glorious years experimenting in fine dining and inventing creative cocktails.   Her favorite foods include fish, fresh veggies, but most importantly - Beef Wellington.  Her favorite drinks include refreshing martinis, heavy Cabernets, and she has developed a new-found attraction to dry Rose wines.  (It's a work in progress.)  Spending her days (and sometimes nights) working in print sales, Jenn also heads up the most important job... pre-meal cocktail creations!

And last, but certainly not least, is John. Having spent his youth in the Netherlands, John brings a certain culture to our tasting menus. Aside from keeping us posted on the Sunday sports games, John also contributes with grill-master talent, and is in charge of pretty much anything the rest of us don't feel like doing.  (Translates into when the ladies don't want to get dirty slicing, chopping, shucking, etc... we call John over.)  His favorite meals include the Indonesian Rijsttafel, ahi tuna, and a good steak.  Favorite drinks include whatever Jenn's making, rich red wines, and good whiskeys.  When not working in print sales, you'll most likely find John at the golf course.

And of course, our 3 that make sure our dishes are licked spotlessly clean.



What Are We About?

In an effort to fight Sunday boredom and dread, we formed a "supper club" of some sort on Sunday evenings. Every week, we come together to create spectacular meals found from all over the internet that we would normally never cook ourselves. We then pair up with a fabulous local wine store to match our cocktails, and then while the men watch football, the ladies cook... and what ends up happening is an amazing evening of decadent food, creative cocktails, and once in a while - a few mistakes. Please join us as we document every week's meal, recipe, thoughts, and our journey through culinary exploration!