Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 30, 2014 - John's Birthday

So John really decided to challenge us this year.  I mean, there is no way someone can pick 2 completely opposite ingredients and expect them to make a meal.  Wolfgang Puck would have slapped him upside the head.  But that's ok - because Jenn and I took on the challenge with gusto.  What were those two ingredients?

Eel and White Chocolate

Told you so.

Cocktail - Brandy Daisy

Brandy, rum, blue curacao, lemon juice.  Delicious!

Appetizer - Seared Shrimp with a White Chocolate Tomato Beurre Blanc

White chocolate beurre blanc.  For real.  And it was tasty!!!  The acidity of the tomato really helped with the underlying sweeter white chocolate flavor.  Believe it or not, very delicious!  (And yes, finding savory white chocolate dishes was not easy.)

Appetizer Wine - 2012 Domaine Cheveau Macon Solutre-Pouilly

We went back to Harry's for this meal.  While we have enjoyed pairing our own wines recently, this was obviously a task for the professionals.  Even Christelle seemed stumped with our menu.  She recommended a heavy Chardonnay to go with the richness of the beurre blanc.  And it was delicious!  Rich and structured but not heavy on the oak - it paired up beautifully with the appetizer!

Entree - Smoked Eel with Steamed Leeks and New Potatoes with a Clam Beurre Blanc

Yup.  You read that properly.  We weren't going to do any Japanese-style eel dish, because that would be too easy.  And the recipe included beurre blanc, so we kind of just added an ingredient to John's wish list at this point.  And the clams - baby clams straight from Italy!  Delicious!  Believe it or not, the flavor was fantastic and this really was an amazing 

Entree Wine - 2012 Pecchenino San Luigi Dogliani

Christelle was really challenged on this one.  She wanted so badly to serve a white with the entree, but after the heavy Chardonnay, there was no viable option.  This smooth Italian red with fruit forward with sweet tannins and completely worked!  

Dessert - White Chocolate and Lemon Pots de Creme

Smooth custard-y goodness!  A fantastic end to the meal and extremely easy to make!

Aperitif - Jones Winery Raspberry Rhapsody

This local winery here in CT produces this great dessert wine full of raspberry flavor!  A perfect tartness to go with the smooth dessert!

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